29 Quotes on the Science of Nitai Yoga

🌹 The sound of the Nitai Mantra touches and heals every single organ of our body. It pulls the strings of love in our heart and it moves us.

🌹 Nitai Yoga not only provides tension-relief but also helps in mental disabilities. It subdues negative thoughts and triggers happy memories.

🌹 Rhythmic entrainment of Nitai Yoga blossoms creativity, reduces anxiety, stimulates the brain, improves learning and normalizes the heart rate.

🌹 Hearing and singing the Nitai mantra is active therapy whereas visualizing and hearing it is receptive anti-stress therapy in Nitai Yoga.

🌹 The sound harmonics of the Nitai mantra amalgamate with the sensory memory of its syllables to create a powerful healing antidote for stress.

🌹 Nitai Yoga is a mix of biomusicology, psychoacoustics, sound cognition and sensory integration of the sound and syllables of the Nitai mantra.

🌹 Cognitive functioning, motor skills, social interaction, emotional development and quality of life are enhanced by Nitai’s sound and syllables.

🌹 The sound and syllables of the Nitai mantra are therapeutic on all the physical, emotional, mental, social, aesthetic, and creative levels.

🌹 This is our humble start to share Nitai Yoga globally. Everything has to begin somewhere. Improving the lives of all is our only motivation.

🌹 People will forget what you did. They’ll draw a blank about what you said. But they will always recall how blissful they felt by Nitai Yoga.

🌹 We are at the dawn of Nitai Yoga in this world. Future generations will gradually realise the infinite power and benefits of the Nitai mantra.

🌹 I’m a big fan of singing over humming. Even soft singing of the Nitai mantra multiplies Nitai Yoga’s power exponentially.

🌹 What is in a sound you may ask? All the alleviating energies of the cosmos are present in the sound of the Nitai mantra for our well-being.

🌹 Nitai Yoga is the fusion of the healing sound and syllables of “निताइ”, the Nitai mantra, in our body, mind, brain, heart, and consciousness.

🌹 Softly singing the Nitai mantra is as important as drawing and visualising it in Nitai Yoga. It enhances our vision to take perfect decisions.

🌹 Singing the Nitai mantra and visualizing each of the 10 strokes of the “निताइ” mantra in the air manifests all the universal potencies.

🌹 The sound of the Nitai mantra heals, cures, soothes, and massages us from within like nothing else can. Immerse yourself in it today and see.

🌹 Do you always want to feel a current of joy in the background throughout the day while doing other things? Then try Nitai Yoga from today!

🌹 Nitai Yoga is just the thing for the people. But still they are unaware of it. So lets keep on sharing it without being disheartened.

🌹 Nitai Yoga adds color, flair, vigor and delight even to our normal day to day activities. We start clearly perceiving and enjoying every second.

🌹 Nitai Yoga inundates my heart with love for all living beings as the Nitai “निताइ” mantra embodies the cumulative love of the whole creation.

🌹 Visualizing and singing the Nitai Mantra in Nitai Yoga is like beholding the infinite cosmos and empowering ourselves with its best energies.

🌹 The sheer pleasure and empowerment I feel by doing even a few mins of Nitai Yoga impels me to share it with all with relentless enthusiasm.

🌹 I am teaching Nitai Yoga not for money or fame but to help all people in their quest by making them mindful, self-aware, relaxed and empowered

🌹 True love with someone is felt when one shares with him or her without expectations. To share Nitai Yoga virally means to love humanity.

🌹 Social welfare work means to not only help people physically but emotionally too. Free Nitai Yoga does both through empowerment and healing.

🌹 Join our efforts to share Nitai Yoga. Do it and share it. All aspects of your life will be improve qualitatively and get enhanced quantitatively

🌹 I’m careful to not even hint of my personal beliefs in Nitai Yoga. Its not religious or dogmatic. Such imposition defeats its secular nature

🌹 Nitai Yoga just makes us better persons in whatever we want to believe in. It is a neutral and secular technique for our well-being.

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