Nitai Yoga

A. Nitai Mantra (निताइ)
1. Nitai Flow & Postures
2. Nitai Breathing 😤
3. Nitai Meditation 👁
4. Nitai Sound Therapy

5. Nitai Healing
6. Nitai Wellness

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Nitai Yoga is Secular
© It is in Public Domain
🌴 A Body-Mind Retreat!

🌷 Nitai Yoga is the flow of your body and mind through the relaxing, healing, loving, blissful, and empowering shapes and sound of the Nitai Mantra (निताइ).

🔢 Nitai Yoga is a combination of all or just one of the four main modules listed above and described below. Any one module can also be done individually for only 5 mins daily!


1. Nitai Flow & Postures
Body ▪️ Fitness

The flow of 10 comprehensive bodily postures with the visualization of the 10 powerful strokes of “निताइ” (the Nitai Mantra) in synchronization with deep breathing. Advanced series of Nitai Postures are taught in the longer courses and workshops.

Nitai Flow Benefits

Nitai Flow is a “grace in motion”. It has smoothly flowing movements. They give it a dance-like inward experience and outward appearance. Its breath-synchronised movements stretch and strengthen every muscle in our body. That makes us more flexible.

It improves our body posture and overall physical wellness. Nitai Flow takes good care of our spine thereby ensuring our longevity. It will save you from many types of back pains. Your life will become a graceful dance due to Nitai Flow.

The fresh intake of oxygen during Nitai Flow loosens up the stiffness of our muscles. Consequently, a lot of stress is also released during the practice. This is especially useful for sound sleep, preventing headaches, and for curing all kinds of ailments.

This oxygen carried to our brain also helps in boosting our brain performance. Thus, Nitai Flow will enhance your personal power, confidence, and self-esteem, thereby promoting self-love and self-growth.

However, the most important part of Nitai Flow is the synchronised Nitai Mantra visualisation. Throughout Nitai Flow, we hold the two edges of the 10 thick strokes of the Nitai Mantra (निताइ) with our two hands, one by one. It is like drawing them in the air and in our minds with both of our hands.

The goal is to minutely visualise the shape and surface of each empowering stroke as we do Nitai Flow. Each movement should become one with its respective stroke in our consciousness. This power of visualising each stroke unleashes the unique potential and the supreme physical benefits of Nitai Flow.

2. Nitai Breathing 😤
Brain ▪️ Efficiency

Deeply breathe from both or alternating nostrils while mentally saying “Ni” during inhalation, and “Tai” during exhalation. Or you can exhale rapidly (kapabhati), while mentally saying “Ni” and “Tai” alternately during these exhalations. Advanced series of Nitai Breathing and Cleansing techniques are taught in the longer courses and workshops.

Nitai Breathing Benefits

Nitai Breathing is the art of consciously triggering and utilising the regenerative force of our breath by merging it with the vitalising inner sound of the Nitai Mantra.

It leads to self-healing, self-empowerment, and self-growth. It is basically Nitai Mantra based breath regulation whereby the mental and physical planes are brought to a harmonious state of health and serenity.

It increases the flow of Nitaised prana in our bodies, thereby empowering us to achieve great landmarks in life. The Nitaised deep breathing detoxifies the body and enhances power and vitality.

It releases tension and relaxes the mind and body, elevating one’s mood and clarity of thought. It is a great remedy for your respiratory, circulatory, digestive, immune, and nervous systems. Nitai Breathing also boosts your energy levels and stamina.

3..Nitai Meditation 👁
Mind ▪️ Empowerment

😍 Think that a white dot is slowly moving through the 10 black strokes of “निताइ” as shown in the video below. Minutely visualize in your mind the surrounding black shape and surface of the strokes, one by one, within which this dot is moving at any particular point of time.

👀 The dot is only used as a focal point to zoom in our visualization on the nearby area of the stroke where it is moving. It does not need to be seen in our mind. Only the shape and surface of the strokes are to be visualized.

🙄 You can do this visualisation of the Nitai Mantra in your mind with open eyes while looking anywhere. You can keep on looking at the moving dot in the video if you can visualize better that way. Or you can also do it with closed eyes, if you can visualize better that way.

⏩ You can mentally adjust the speed of the moving dot to give yourself enough time to internally visualize and capture the full area of the shape, which comes around the dot, in the clearest manner possible.

💅 If you find this difficult, you can do Nitai Meditation simply by drawing each of the 10 strokes of “निताइ” one by one with the tip of your index finger on your lap or in the air, and visualize the shape of the strokes in your mind or in the air in the same way. Alternatively, you can draw with your c-shaped hand or palm instead of your fingertip.

👆 The sequence of drawing is the same as that of the movement of the dot. It is shown with arrows, numbers and blue and black colors in the image below. The shape of these 10 strokes and this sequence of visualization is easy to learn after looking at it or practicing it just for a few minutes. Learn once and do forever!

Nitai Meditation Benefits

Nitai Meditation is the very essence of Nitai Yoga as it gives us a new life with renewed focus, awareness, and memory. Amongst all forms of meditation, Nitai Meditation is indeed unique. Attentive visualization of each of the 10!strokes of the Nitai Mantra expands one’s brainpower, memory, efficiency, acumen, and cognisance.

Moreover, it enhances our ability to think out of the box and harnesses our creative potential from within. It is not just a glimmer but a full beam of hope for those who find themselves in a depressing state of affairs, especially when nothing good is happening.

Nitai Meditation not only makes us a ‘mastermind’ but it also makes us the ‘master of our mind’. This laser-like focus of the mind is an essential ingredient for achieving success in any field. The mind loses attention due to frustration, anger, distractions, etc.

Nitai Meditation makes our mind so calm and peaceful that we naturally feel a resistance from inside about getting distracted from what we are doing, losing our temper, etc. In this way, it helps us to never lose our friends and to find meaning and ever-lasting love in our relationships.

4. Nitai Sound Therapy
Heart ▪️ Relaxation

🔊 Close your eyes and absorb yourself in the sound of a Nitai Mantra music track, Nitai Song track, or a guided Nitai Meditation track by listening to it. You can also sing or dance along by call-and-response. Additionally, you may repeat the Nitai Mantra softly, clearly, and audibly in a musical tune or melody.

You could also keep on playing these calming Nitai tracks in the background while doing other activities. Install the SoundCloud android or iphone app to open all the Nitai Yoga tracks, albums, and playlists and start listening to them instantly.

Nitai Sound Therapy Benefits

Nitai Sound Therapy balances all our Chakras and makes us peaceful, cheerful, fulfilled, and wise. The musical sound vibrations of the Nitai Mantra and the Nitai Talks are so enchanting and delightful that no amount of stress, anxiety, or depression can withstand it for long.

It immediately elevates one’s mood and fills one with bliss. Emotional blockages are removed, making one more expressive. Consequently, we are also able to easily overcome our mental fears.

The Nitai Sound Therapy opens our heart chakra and melts away all negativity, mental frustrations, and wrong judgements. It awakens love for everyone around you. It gives a sense of inner satisfaction which sets you free from feelings of isolation and loneliness.

It is an ageless pleasure. You are never too young or too old for it. The Nitai Mantra Tracks and Talks of the mindful Nitai Yogis are carriers of intimate care and empowerment, which together lay down the very foundation of Nitai Yoga.


📌 You can experience the benefits of Nitai Yoga by practicing it for at least 5 minutes daily. Nitai Yoga Teacher certification is given after you learn these modules by attending this course online or in any part of the world. Any Nitai Yoga Teacher can certify others to become Nitai Yoga Teachers. Let us all share the love of the Nitai Mantra!

🎁 Nitai Yoga media; articles on how to practice the above modules in detail; and information about the more advanced Nitai Yoga courses will become available on soon. If they benefit you, please don’t forget to share or teach one or more of these Nitai Yoga modules to others. They are easy, effective, universal, and secular.


A. The Nitai Mantra (निताइ)

Nitai Yoga Banner Final Small

► “निताइ”, or “Nitai”, is one of the most powerful, secular, and universal mantras in creation for our holistic well-being. It is a practical empowerment mantra for our day-to-day lives which gives quick results.

5 Powerful Syllables

N + i ि + t + a + i

10 Relaxing Strokes

निताइ: 1. Brain power, 2. Stress Relief, 3. Empowerment, 4. Harmony, 5. Prosperity, 6. Stability, 7. Fitness, 8. Efficiency, 9. Energy, and 10. Love/Bliss.

Nitai Yoga Strokes Benefits Small

Nitai Mantra Meanings

► The beauty of a potent mantra, like the Nitai Mantra, is that it has many authentic meanings. Hence the meanings of the10 Devanagari strokes of the Nitai Mantra are not mere exaggerations. You can practically experience them more and more deeply as you steadily perform the Nitai Yoga modules.

► “Ni” = “Attract Nature’s Energies”.

◀ “Tai” = “Unleash Your Potential”.

► “Ni” = “Peace”.

◀ “Tai” = “Bliss”.

► “Ni” = “Relaxation”.

◀ “Tai” = “Stress Relief”.

► “Ni” = “Healing”.

◀ “Tai” = “Curing”.

► “Ni” = “Self-Awareness”.

◀ “Tai” = “Mindfulness”.

► “Ni” = “Awakening”.

◀ “Tai” = “Dynamic Power”.

❤️ And finally, “Nitai” literally means “Love”.

Nitai Mantra Pronunciation

😛 “Ni” sounds like “ni” in the word “omni”. “Tai” is pronounced like “tie”. The only difference is that the sound of the “t” is produced by touching the tip of the tongue on the back of the top front teeth like in Spanish, instead of curling it up to touch the palate.

Nitai Yoga Activates 7 Chakras Small


B. Nitai Yoga is Secular

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Nitai Yoga can be practiced by people of all countries, race, color, religions, spiritualities, beliefs, faiths, genders, and point of views. It only helps to make us better at what we want to become. It does not interfere with or try to change our existing beliefs, rules, or opinions.

⛰ It is an ancient form of secular Yoga and Meditation from the Himalayas. Those who found it in the Himalayas, and the source from where they found it, are not interested in taking the credit for it. Nor do they want their names to be known to anyone in the present or in the future.

They have willingly offered it to humanity so that it can benefit one and all. Let us accept it in the same spirit. The proof of the efficacy of Nitai Yoga is how it rapidly and exponentially improves the quality of our day-to-day lives, not from where it has come from.

💃 Thus, Nitai Yoga does not have any Founder. Nor does it belong to any one institution or organization. It is in public domain without any restrictions of copyrights or patents. No one can claim it to be only theirs. It is by the people, of the people, and for all the people. Please try it, share it, and teach it to improve the lives of others.

🌐 The word “Nitai” is also being used as a name of people or things in different cultures. However, the Nitai Mantra in Nitai Yoga is completely secular since it not related to any religious beliefs, cults, sects, or personalities.

👣 Every Nitai Yoga practitioner is entitled to have his or her own personal beliefs in life. But those are strictly their own private opinions or faiths. They are not part of the secular fabric of Nitai Yoga.


© It is in Public Domain

No Copyrights in Nitai Yoga

👥 Nitai Yoga does not have any known restrictions under the copyright laws. You can copy, modify, distribute, use, teach, share, and even commercially teach or sell it, all without asking permission from someone. However, a kind attribution to or mention of will be gratefully appreciated. The legal disclaimer can be found here.

✍️ To the extent possible under law, has waived off all copyright and related or neighbouring rights to Nitai Yoga under the Creative Commons CC0 license. This work is published from: India.



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