Some Benefits of Nitai Breathing

Deep breathing with the Nitai mantra calms our prana-vayus (life-airs) and stops the rumblings of our mind thus making your mind focus on strokes of Nitai mantra.

It is the lifeline for all Nitai Yogis who want to do their duties throughout the day with the maximum possible efficiency, guaranteed success, dynamic enthusiasm, laser-pointed awareness, ever-fresh perspectives, power to micro-analyse, and effortless ease.

It spontaneously enables us to accomplish the most hardest and complicated duties with surprising readiness and spontaneous freedom because it increases the flow of prana in us by Nitai Breathing.

The Logical Basis of Nitai Breathing

Humans have been known to survive for months without food, yet die within minutes when deprived of oxygen. Deep Breathing in Nitai Yoga represents the power of prana which is the ultimate expression of energy and life. When prana flows abundantly through our beings we become aware of a special glow in our skin and eyes, a spring in our step, pulses of energy reverberating in our every cell, and a vibrating vitality through our every thought, word, and deed in our daily engagements.

Logical Basis of Nitai Yoga deep Breathing

The Prana Vayus

Conversely, an impeded or deficient flow of prana, due to not doing deep Breathing daily, is marked by constant mental and physical fatigue, dull skin and eyes, lack of motivation to do anything substantial, easiest things becoming difficult to do, no new ideas, no courage or resourcefulness to do new things, no insights on the problems we face, and the total loss of enthusiasm to do anything which matters. Nitai Breathing is the easiest way to increase the flow of prana in our body and thus unleash the dormant prana empowering us to achieve great landmarks.

Our relationship with life is mirrored in our breathing. When we’re nervous or excited our breathing becomes shallow, jerky, and rapid. A relaxed and quiet state will create slow and deep breathing. Animals with rapid rates of respiration such as mice who breathe a thousand times a minute have a shorter life span than animals with a slow respiration rate such as the tortoise which breathes four times a minute and thus can live up to three hundred years. In this way, life span was measured in terms of the respiration rate and it was practically and unquestionably proved that slow breathing increases life span and rapid breathing hastens our death.

Humans breathe about 16-18 times a minute while inhaling about 13,000 litres of air every 24 hours. During exercise, anger, passion, and anxiety, the respiration rate increases, straining the heart and decreasing the life span. The deep slow-breathing and breath-retention in Nitai Yoga helps to compensate for the damage incurred by our constant impetuous, rapid, and shallow breathing. It is widely known that: “He lives most who breathes the most air slowly.” And also that: “A shallow breather is a shallow thinker.”

deep breathing and Nitai Yoga

Ida and Pingala

Prana travels via etheric channels known as nadis in the body. The main nadis are the central staff from the central sulcus down to the spinal cord (sushumna). The two channels which flow vertically around this are the left channel ida and the right one pingala.

Nitai Yoga with deep breathing specifically ensures a rhythmic harmony between this left bodily channel starting from the left nostril and the right one from the right nostril. This balance is essential as these nadis govern opposite polarities in our body.

Pingala, which is stimulated by Nitai Yoga Breathing through the right and left nostrils simultaneously, promotes heat, purification, and digestion, etc from right and through the left nostril it stimulates ida which encourages coolness, introspection, and clarity of thought. Roughly every hour our normal breathing shifts from one nostril to the other. Nitai Yoga encourages us to breathe through both nostrils in order to maintain our bio-energetic balance to excel in our daily duties in the most optimum manner.

benefits Nitai Yoga deep Breathing

Health Benefits of Nitai Breathing

The prana, which is absorbed through the medium of Nitai Yoga with deep breathing, has healing and activating actions on all the respiratory, digestive, circulatory, cardiovascular, lymphatic, and nervous system functions of our entire body. Most importantly, this prana governs all our mental processes including our thoughts, feelings, will, and reason. Longevity, health, and vitality are all determined by the quality of prana which flows in our bodies through this process of Nitai Breathing in Nitai Yoga. So please don’t hesitate to do it any longer! There is no loss but only great gain by doing it daily.

The root cause of all apathy, depression, and disease, which takes us away from love and bliss, is the blocked, chaotic, or deficient flow of prana throughout our body due to a lack of sufficient deep breathing while airwrting Nitai. It creates an abundant and harmonious flow of prana throughout our body eliminating disease and rejuvenating it with ever-fresh perspectives and dynamic actions in life.

benefits Nitai Yoga deep Breathing

Other Benefits of Nitai Breathing

Many have attributed their longevity, photographic memory, and boundless energy in duties to their diligent practice of Nitai Breathing and Nitai Yoga. Many have also ascribed their “continuously bursting fountain of energy” in their life to the regular practice of Nitai Yoga. There is no doubt that Nitai Yoga endows every practitioner with a phenomenal memory and the capacity to perfectly do many things at the same time.

Nitai Breathing is the art of breath control whereby the mental and physical state is brought to a harmonious state of health and serenity. It is a technique that frees, increases, and channelizes the flow of prana throughout our entire body. This module of Nitai Yoga activates both the hemispheres of our brain to their full potential by the deep breathing of the Nitai Mantra. This leads to a strong connection with our true inner state of consciousness which prepares us in the best possible way for our day!

art of breath control

Scientific Proof of Nitai Breathing

There have been innumerable scientific studies on how Nitai Yoga with deep breathing benefits us. Jack Shield, Californian Lymphologist, planted a minute camera in the human body, and concluded that deep diaphragmatic breathing, like in Nitai Breathing, creates a vacuum that literally sucks lymph through our blood stream, thus accelerating the pace at which the lymph eliminates toxins from our body. Therefore, it can be be safely concluded that Nitai Breathing in Nitai Yoga multiplies all the cleansing processes in our body to more than fifteen times the normal rate. Actually, there is no organ in our body which does not benefit from this process.

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